Private Personal Use of Data Policy

Published 8.7.2014
Updated 8.7.2015

According to Finnish legislation it’s mandatory to carry a policy declaration of where and how personal data is used. This entire section is a voluntary translation and summary of the original Finnish declaration. It’s purpose is purely informative and it’s applicable only in Finland. For more information pls. consult Google and/or Google Translation or your legal counsel.


Register administrator

Customer service: [email protected]

Name of registers

User of the service(s): User.

The purpose of the registers

To authenticate user, usage of service(s), maintenance, marketing, and development of service(s).

Content of registers

User: First name, last name, email, phone.
Order: User id, payment method, delivery street address, state/county, ZIP, city, and country.

Data source(s)

User data collected when signing up and opting in for additional features such as takeaway, smart-menu, and home delivery. Customers placing orders when using takeaway, smart-menus, and home delivery.

Data integrity

Information is shared with third parties only by legal obligation and never outside the EU.

Data security principles

All data is stored in digital format. Only personel mandated by may use and maintain data registers containing personal data. They all have an encrypted, personal, and unique user id with a corresponding encrypted password. User of Service is granted access to personal data only. The service is protected from external, unauthorized access and usage by firewalls, personel authentication, and partial encryption.

Inspection and authorization

A registered person may inspect personal registered data. A written request for inspection has to be signed and forwarded according to administrator instruction(s) obtained at [email protected] Registered person may prohibit use of personal data for marketing and similar purposes by informing the administrator at [email protected]

Privacy policy

Published 7.7.2015
Updated 7.7.2015

In a nutshell

We do our utmost to provide for an exceptional user experience whenever you visit our site. Therefore we use all necessary tools such as cookies, links to other web sites, third party analytics services and social plugins. To protect your privacy and security, we take reasonable steps and we never disclose or share your information to third parties unless required to do so by law. We will notify you at our discretion and you may opt out of marketing notifications.


We use persistent cookies to store your location and to provide for a smooth and enjoyable visit on our site.

Links to other web sites

As an essential part of the functionality of this site we link to other web sites with their own privacy policies. Our privacy policy is not in effect on these websites.

Traffic statistics

We use Google Analytics to anonymously monitor visitor traffic to and on this site. Google uses cookies and your IP address to provide for the service. The statistics are used to enhance the user experience and for our advertising administration. No personal or customer information is disclosed or shared with Google or other third parties.

Social plugins

We provide for social plugins to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). We never send our customer’s information using these plugins.

More about these services’ privacy policies:

Affecting your privacy

You may disable cookies by changing your browser cookie settings. By doing so your user experience and level of service will diminish. You may also prevent Google Analytics from recording your visits by installing Google’s browser add on.

Additional info can be obtained in our Private Personal Use of Data Policy section above and from the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman.